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Shrawan Month Rainfall in 2079Shrawan Month Rainfall in 2079

Shrawan Month Rainfall in 2079 on July 21, 2022, the morning time when I woke up morning time it begins already the rainfall over there. Even I found the sound of rainfall from the windows side of my room. My room was too much cool and able to sleep well into the nighttime. Since yesterday night it will be starting a rainfall now it will be continued doing on it.

When the Shrawan month we can find the Monday with special for lady person will be workshop the Puja of Lord Shiva there. During this, they were wearing the green colorful dress to their own body part to close up there. Even they didn’t eat the food of meat within this month.

I feel really happy moment to see this rainfall have to see. Since I was moving into the place of Rupakot there is a little slow increase over there at the top level of Rupakot side it might be made larger increased rainfall over. There is no big effect on us. While arrived into own density part the rainfall will too much increase over there.

Still, I have to wake up and make tea. Then I started to write an article about this Shrawan rainfall 2079 years during this time. I still have to stay in my room and I have a lot of things to remain the rainfall activities have an into my place as well as your place what happening into this rainfall during this time we have to make savings from a landslide.

Still, some of the people were sleeping at now also even I have wake up the early year at 7 a.m. then I check it out to wash my face and I take already then I came back into on road to write an article about myself. When I listen to the sound of rainfall I feel finished and I have to feel happy to start to write of the blog posts on websites.

At this time I was staying own room to take see the sound of rainfall over the still weather isn’t good yet now. Some of the birds will be making sounds over there. Because also the effect of rainfall happened over there. Some of the people who worked from outside it will be made disturbed by rainfall. Some people travel to one place to another it might affect the rainfall happens to reach own place go there.

I hope this Shrawan makes me feel a lot of love and makes to think to reach as top-level to found over there. Even I will be become make much happier found out there. Some of cases people will be getting their own way using them. I think your Shrawan will be nice and wonderful to enjoy this rainfall in summer season. Two three ago we had faced out the hot days have to face it out.

As we need rainfall we can sleep well in our own bedroom in the nighttime. Still, now the people will be made happy to feel rainfall over there. Hope all of the places will be made rainfall over there. Make sure that you will comment on it below at which place you see look into my blog post let me know. Hope you will read it well for this blog post.


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