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My mother must have misunderstood meMy mother must have misunderstood me

My mother must have misunderstood me I have done what my mother told me to do, but my mother also cut me off. My sister is sick in the hospital but she told me to do what I told her to do but I was stopped and I could not come. But even though I have done all the work for here, I have not been able to talk about it here. It hurts my heart to talk about it. My pain is not even caused by no one. It seems to me that there is an opinion that this will happen after there are people.

I don’t feel well because I have a cough and am sneezing because of the cold. I also have a cold. Today I also ate Medicine. But I’m not comfortable. Why are you calling me here? Today, I would like to do this, but it is also done. The same thing happened today. Today, my mother used to tell me more than that.
But I am sad in my heart. What to do with the pain is in my mind.

Another sister has also come here. Sister has to keep her promise. Didi has done the cooking and it has become easier for me. Not only sound education but his alertness and dedication too are most required. The brother of others has to be understood. My mother used to explain to me what would have happened if it had happened in my place, but my mother did not listen to me.

My mother must have misunderstood me When I come here and do everything, it means that people have not done it now. But even that thing never happens. I have started to hope that my life will be bad because of my mother. But even after the mother does not understand the matter, who else beats the pain? This thing has also settled in me. But I have a tendency to say, ‘Do this, do that.’ Why is it that I am angry?

This habit of mine has made me feel a little bad for me. This happens even when everyone is abusing me. The mother not only scolded me but also told the other son that he had to stay for one or two days. But the other son is not told. It would have been easier for me if my mother had told my other son. But I am not called the son of others.

Everything seems to be a pain not only because of my work but also because of the pain that makes me anxious. That worry is going to be quite a stop. But I don’t have to worry about it. I will also spend that day. On this day, I have also said that I have said everything.


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