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Top Digital Wallets in Nepal 2022

Top Digital Wallets in Nepal 2022 have become a mainstay on almost every smartphone in Nepal these days. Since COVID-19 forced lockdown, digital wallets have surged even further in popularity. No long queues and wait, just launch your app, and within some clicks, you will pay your internet, wifi bills, or even wire funds to other accounts.

e-Wallet may include making an online purchase of physical or digital goods, paying utility bills, or renewing services by using a computer or smartphone. To pay the service providers, businesses, or organizations, funds must be deposited into a digital wallet before any transaction.

What Is a Digital Wallet?

A digital wallet also known as an e-wallet is basically an online service that allows individuals to perform transactions online with the help of the internet. A digital wallet securely stores log-in details, and payment information of users on its servers and facilitates the payment online, and keeps all the transaction history for references.

Some of Digital Wallet is List Below

1. eSewa: eSewa is a prominent name among digital wallets in Nepal. It started mobile payment for the first time in the country with its launch in 2009. Bishwash Dhakal, an internet entrepreneur set up the service to facilitate digital payment and it has only grown in leaps and bound ever since.


2. Khalti: After eSewa, Khalti is the immediate next top PSP for Nepali online payers. Launched back in just 2017 by Sparrow Pay Pvt. Ltd., it has steadily risen as an alternative to eSewa in just 5 years. Its similar range and nature of features to eSewa has made it another favorite e-payment gateway in the country.


3. IME Pay: Rising through the ranks IME Pay has become another go-to digital payment gateway in Nepal. It was launched in 2017 AD, as a subsidiary of IME Remittance, Nepal’s leading remittance company. Despite being a new mobile money platform, it has quickly earned customers due to its robust marketing strategies. 


4. PrabhuPay: PrabhuPay, a subsidiary of Prabhu Group makes it at 4th in our tally. The young candidate has made strides in the digital wallets race giving other competitors a run for their money. Established in 2018 AD, it already amassed downloads in 6 figures.


5. EnetPay: EnetPay is another e-wallet offering a digital payment service in Nepal. It is a product of  E-Net payment Private Ltd. Like its other counterpart, EnetPay also offers mobile topup, digital TV payments as well as other utility payments. The platform also allows users to book their buses, movies, and airline tickets.


6. PayWell Nepal: PayWell Nepal is managed and retained by First Investor Management Company Pvt. Ltd. PayWell is a user-friendly wallet and payment service, operating through mobile hands and computers using internet services.


7. Moru – Digital Wallet: Moru is a leading digital wallet advertised by Pay Nep Private Limited (PNPL). The name Moru can be associated simply with the mobile Rupee. It guarantees real-time, secure, and instant payments to different traders. With Moru, you can make various payments such as utility bill payments (NEA, Khanepani, etc.), mobile phone top-up, internet bill payments, airlines and bus tickets, buy movie tickets, bank transfers (MoRu to the bank), scan and pay merchants, and more.


8. CG Pay Wallet: CG Pay is a provider of services, payment gateways, and mobile wallets in Nepal. Launched in January 2020, CG Pay is an emerging online payment solution in Nepal. Not only limited to mobile app users, but CG Pay also has more than 8000 POS and Agent Network offers CG Pay service to end-users.


9.CellPay Wallet:  CellPay is a payment service provided by Cellcom Private Limited, a Payment Service Provider licensed by Rastra Bank Nepal. CellPay is a mobile application that has been uniquely placed with a dual feature of digital wallet and bank link facility easing customer needs. 


These are listed out where I have been mentioned the top way to digital wallets from Nepal. Nowadays it will be number increase rate will grow high to reach with them to know well for this one. Even the people will be getting to chance to make free way to use this feature of any time pay for an easy way to do there. 

Top Digital Wallets in Nepal 2022 will be an increase of larger way to grow their service were better to improve to use them. Some of the wallets were still working under pressure to run out to get their chance to win there. In the days to come, people will be able to make payments from their homes online. There is also work to be done here. No matter how much you improve here, it is also a work in progress. It also runs a company for work. He has also worked for the government. It’s easy to open up here, but it’s also easy to get people to give up.

Even today, if the people here have made payment systems on the Internet, it will be easy and accordingly, it will also be easy for all Nepalis. There is a lot of benefit in this work as well as benefit to the Government of Nepal. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. I wish everything would be easier in the days to come. The next day people can do it easily.

It can be easily done with the help of online help in many places. According to that, there is development in the country. In the coming days, you will also have to make improvements in Digital Wallets. Here you have to do what the people say, you have to understand what others are saying. I have also written this after searching. People still do it. Some have good offers, some have only good offers. It is also beneficial to go to others if not to others. In all, we have to verify. It is also easy after verification. Everyone has done it. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. We will hear what will happen in the coming days. 

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