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My Saturday blog Story Part 57My Saturday blog Story Part 57

My Saturday blog Story Part 57 I wake at early nearest from the 6am morning time I wake up from bedroom then I take to wash my face into kitchen room. Then I take some hot water over into the kitchen room there. Then I come back to my own room to clean the bedroom there. Then we had been plan go this place further working there. After we have moved under that place to take this machine feeding into there. 

He also went to the house of a person he knew and worked in that mill. It took us a long time to work the mill. And we also ate at this mill and went to work. There is not much time spent in this place. This is also the place where people live. It also took us days to work. And we went to work elsewhere.

He even went to do his own thing. People are also hit in this place. We worked at the mill and ate. We took it around 11 o’clock. And we would have to go to another place again. And he has gone to that place too. And that’s where we put that mill out. And about the day we went to that place is our own. And in the evening time, I have come again.

And I even walked into my house. And he did his job by calling home. And the time of day is also the time to go and work in that place. He had also gone to that place that day. And on the day of Saturday, we have done a great job. There is also a lot of work to be done.

My Saturday blog Story Part 57 this week blog story will be ended here right now to get this one over. Even the people who will be doing these things activities under this one day to spending those days will remember to move to sheer there. 

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