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Problem on Chinese Disk Mill in PameProblem on Chinese Disk Mill in Pame

Problem on Chinese Disk Mill in Pame Machinery had a problem and we took our belongings with us. After going to that place, I also paid for my belongings and brought them. This is similar to what we do from morning to day. It also took a lot of time to work. And here the son and the father have done things together. And all the work that we have done is that the work of machinery should be fully serviced.

Earlier in the day, we also worked on a Chinese disc mill. It took a long time to open it and we all did our work together. We have to do our own work. After doing this work, we have completed our own work. After a long time, the people here have done their full servicing at the mill. Here people have also spent their money. Now it is also Season. In Season, people also come to beat at the mill.

And here they are also well serviced. The servicing here is well done. It is also done by oneself. In this mill, we have to do all the work in time. We have never been able to do this. This work is all we have to do. This old mill is also the first of Pame’s Bazar.

In the past, everyone went to the mill, but the mill was run by a woman herself. He also runs his own mill. If there is a problem in the mill, we have to be informed. This is what my father has been doing for a long time. We have to do this in the works as well.

Today we thought that this work would not be completed. In the morning it was like wearing a blanket, but it was also sunny during the day. In any case, he has done a good job by himself during the day. You have to do things well. There is an opinion that we have not run the mill for many days.

Problem on Chinese Disk Mill in Pame It also has a very good Chondito run. We have also done the test. This test is always done after we have done it. Not only do we have to make it, but we also have to get it done. People here are also happy to have done good deeds. 

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