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Why Bhai Tika Is Important in Tihar in NepalWhy Bhai Tika Is Important in Tihar in Nepal

Why Bhai Tika Is Important in Tihar in Nepal is one of the most important Hindu festivals for brothers and sisters. It falls on the last day (fifth day) of Tihar and is also known as Bhai Tihar and Bhai Dujh (among Madhesi communities). This festival celebrates the bond between brother and their sister. During this, the sisters worship and pray for to Lord Yama (Lord of Death), wishing for long and prosperous life of their brothers.

He was very pleased with hr and promised her not take her brother’s soul until the offerings of turf grass and the flowers remained fresh and unwilted. As the flowers and the turf grass had remained unwilted and fresh till the next Bhai Tika, Yama granted the boy a long time.

On this occasion, a special sagun (a packet of masala) is given to the brothers. This tradition is said to have started as a caring sister’s healthy snack pack for her brother to make his way back home, as the brothers in the past had to walk long way to their sister’s home (after marriage) for the festival.

They are then, adorned with the flower garland and sometimes, a garland of turf grass is also made and if that is not possible, a bunch of turf grass is place on their head, ear or included in the garland. Finally, the masala and the gift is given and the puts tika on their forehead brothers touch their sister’s feet and give them gifts, usually cash or clothes.

Why Bhai Tika Is Important for Us?

Because is the larger festival which it will comes once a year. Since the sister will comes own brothers house to putting tika with own brother to take tika there. Even after married sister will also comes own brother home to take Tika with brother. At the ended of day of Tihar this Bhai Tika will held on it. They have taking 7 different color of Tika into the head of brother from sister and even brother also take a same process to take Tika to sister.

Sometimes it will be make a accident were we cannot take a Tika on this year because some of person were death into the relative family member take this year. So this Bhai Tika isn’t taking a Tika with own sister at home. I have two sister. One sister isn’t speak it well and one sister were speak it well.

But I think that every festival I never feels shall I can celebrate this festival in every month and year to take this. But each and every moment I feels lonely while person will be felt to toucher to speak into the family members there. Why Bhai Tika Is Important in Tihar in Nepal this kind of think we can be celebrated this day in Nepal.

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