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After Dashain continues Rainfall in PokharaAfter Dashain continues Rainfall in Pokhara

After Dashain continues Rainfall in Pokhara it is held on October 15, 2021, the Dashain main Tika will be finesh under that days. Then October 16 might be changed the weather happening in our place in Pokhara. It will come a lot of Rainfall will happen to see into our place. There is will happen to see the reaction of coldest of the winter season will be started in Nepal. All of the lot will be wearing their jacket and warm clothes from outside going place.

Still, it will be continued road all will be happen to see their week ago we have face out this problem to see a rainfall will be seen there. Still, the weather isn’t good for us. During this year it continues rainfall will happen to feels to check out this. Even the people will be working under this place to not clean weather happen to see there.

Still, on the outside, we can feel clothes happen to see there. During this time we need to be careful about their health also too Still the Covid-19 isn’t ended here to out from the country. But we need to take safe from this Virus also too. After you go to an outside place we need to take care of the health and safety from the virus there.

Some of the places we have been listening out the news from the flood area and river will be increased into their location to check out there. We aren’t safe during the rainfall will be Non-stop rainfall do there. During this year we haven’t seen perfect weather to feel out there. While we have move somewhere place we cannot going their ride to move there.

After Dashain continues Rainfall in Pokhara it will be continued this month. We cannot move anywhere a place to visit there. Under this year we have face out their problems to slove this one. We need to pray for God to stop this thing’s rainfall from outside there. Still, we aren’t going outside to go there. We need to stay own home with warm clothes in the bedroom while I feel outside their reaction to see there.

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