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Top 10 Most Popular Nepali Blogs 2021

Top 10 Most Popular Nepali Blogs 2021 is a way of data will be collected to update under for you here. Even the people were finding out this way to know. We have been finding out the latest and truth blogger were finding as ranking into the top-level to growth to them to know this. Here is some of the list of Top 10 Nepali blogging we have found there. 

Top 10 Nepali Blogs in 2021 

S.N. Name of bloggers Blogging Site
1 Salokya
2 Lex Limbu
3 Anand Nepal
5 Dinesh Wagle & Ujjwal Acharya
6 Pradeep Singh
7 Aakar(Anil Ghimire)
8 Subash K.C.
9 Laxman Baral
10 Nepali Trends


Going by the blog name “Salokya,” the man behind the wordplay has gained popularity among bloggers and journalists around the country. Further here doing own working under this working their website to give their information from there to update there. As we hearing he/she will share some stories that will happen to share out there. 

Lex Limbu

Coming from a modern generation and covering bits-and-bites of the contemporary world, has a fantastic following from a young age.

Anand Nepal

Ever wondered about the power of niching down in the segment? Anand Nepal’s is the answer! This blogging site is creating blogs only specific to the Nepali film industry! He will be doing their level base will be happen checking out his/her blog website. 


Ashesh is a Nepali blogger who is also a programmer and a designer. His blog site,, is famous for its relevant blogs. We will be share more designs will be share updates on their own website to give updates over there. 

Dinesh Wagle & Ujjwal Acharya

If the question is where you can find a well-researched blog on Nepali politics, the answer is We will be finding out both couples will be found to getting their information over this one over there. 

Pradeep Singh

Pradeep Singh is one of the early Nepali bloggers with not just one but multiple blogging sites. His famous blog site, He wrote about bloggers who will be handle to share to give their information over there to know them. 

Aakar(Anil Ghimire)

If you’re more into Information Technology, will make your day great from the good. There were different types of articles were about their related topic under the technology will be finding out to know theirs. 

Subash K.C.

One of the most popular ways of blogging today is travel blogging. There are tons of travel bloggers and websites. Under this website, find own way to a lifestyle of travel-related topic of bloggers were finding out to research to follow with them to know there. 

Laxman Baral

Most people will be found under this website related topic under reality shows, Personal travel, Technology information, Under lifestyle-related myself. Own way to a style of written personal blog-related topic will be finding out to under the update there. His website name is somewhere you finding out to know them. 

Nepali Trends

Most of the posts were finding out the trends ways to share to update under this. It might be visiting this nepalitrends.comWe can found this site to get a lot of information to under to finding out there. Most interesting things of trends updated to finding out there. 

You have seen the cannon lists on this website. Who are the Nepali bloggers? We need to know how much work our Nepali bloggers have done from blogging websites. We need the people of our country to know the names given to the websites and List. This will also help Nepali bloggers. How Much Money Can You Make Bloggers And How Much Money Does It Make?

Here are the names of the websites and the names of the people. You have to go to the website here to see your work. You feel good We have to be proud of being Nepali. Many people have gone to blogging in Nepal, but I haven’t been able to do so. For the same reason, I have given you information. Here you find the Top 10 Most Popular Nepali Blogs 2021 list under each and every year we kept information for you here to know. 

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