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Why does Nepali YouTuber spend money on channels firstWhy does Nepali YouTuber spend money on channels first

Why does Nepali YouTuber spend money on channels first People here have also seen other people’s videos. There is also a warm feeling here. But even here, those things don’t happen. That is how much you have done. Here, your channel is not your main thing. How I came to this place. It is also written here. People here have spent a lot of money on their channel. People from small to big have done this work. They have spent a lot of money. They have done this work because money will come.

Here, now that my channel has been monetized, money can come and go. But not everyone here knows how to do it. People in Nepal have done this work and have spent a lot of money to get their own viva. Many companies also have fake viewers and fake subscribers and fake subscribers. But it doesn’t work. You are about to start posting videos that are rare one day. According to what the audience has asked for, he will continue to do as he pleases.

You may also have mixed mixtures. You also have to add the following. Not to mention something you don’t know. But I also have my own choices. I have made my own channel. People like what I do. Here people have also given their work. But people have come to watch fewer videos about what to do with my channel and also to watch videos. To do so here is to do so. But that person may not even know that Main Trick.

Nepali YouTubers also confuse other people’s videos. Others’ videos are also uploaded to their own channels. It is ok to upload to your channel. But putting other people’s videos on your channel is also a little different to do that. But according to the difference, you have to add more. People do things by looking at others. There is more to learning than just doing other things.

I’ve also seen a lot of big YouTubers. Here’s how to get your own vivas with the help of Google Ads view. People here don’t know that I have come here if I have come to this channel by tagging my channel. Maybe you can do something else. You are about to upload your own videos. Which videos have people following me and which videos have the most followers?

Nepali’s may have done their job, but they may not have done their job. Many people have files. But you have to add videos by yourself. Put it on your own video. Not to be included in other people’s videos. In the new channel, Work Hard has to do what he has to do, so he can learn it by himself. Money can be saved, but money can be spent in the right place.

You have to do what you think you will do after you become a cheater on YouTube. You may want to check for yourself what to do and what not to do. You have to do the things you know. Why do you think what is good and what is bad? After coming to YouTube, you should know everything. You must be logged in to post a comment. It is not possible for a Nepali to do this. Why does Nepali YouTuber spend money on channels first because they want to feel viral and they can earn money from youtube channels to income sources to get it there? 

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