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What your planning in Dashain 2078What your planning in Dashain 2078

What your planning in Dashain 2078 is the festival in Nepal side which will come on Ashoj and Kartik month between the October and November month. During this month they have been a long holiday goes on it. Even the Dashain there is 15 days long holiday will be running. Before that we need to complete the 16 Sura Sarat within 16 days will be complete then the Dashain will be started there.

During the Dashain festival, we had been working to celebrate with our own family and friends to spread a message to love sending via social media page. Some of the people were living in City area further job into there. Some people further study into the city area. They will make goes to their own home to celebrate a festival of Dashain in Nepal.

Special the normal people will be made celebrate a Dashain with the low budget they can use the festival in Home. Some people have been taking a Tika in Dashain. Due to his or her father or mother’s died they haven’t take Tika in Home. Some of the people will be making a long journey which goes own home to visit there.

Even I haven’t not planned into this Dashain because every year I haven’t felt like a Dashain moment ever to seen to feels to enjoy with friends and family members. Even the father will be made to able fight and make loud speak into the home then I will make lonely under that time. But my Dashain isn’t able to good for me and other people also too.

Dashain will be making different offers will be given all customer who buys and sells their product into the online and another market area they have been promoted their business run faster and another period of the day. Even they have been offered different electronics, clothes, vehicles, etc of things they have to make discount prices they have been mention to sells them their valuable price to give a customer to buy it.

This is the big festival whichever to feels to moment under the previous year and this year to take different on it Under this festival, they have been able to make money from the different source of income will be generated there. Even YouTube will be given much more revenue to earn from there.

Some people will make promote their business throw video clips on the YouTube and Facebook side. Even I will be made trying to give some exciting video will be mention to all of them. They will make them express and inspire the story will be felt to tell them. Some of place you can bethink to travel during this Dashain time.

What your planning in Dashain 2078 differ people have different planning in Dashain Festival to celebrate with them. Some were going to some entertainment place to feels under that place to moment on it. Hope your Dashain will bee feels much better under this time. Under make unwanted necessary things happen under this Dashain festival in Home. Even days by day we have been listening differ news will be listening out to feels that place and location name happen to see there.



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