Bye Bye Bhadra Month 2078
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Bye Bye Bhadra Month 2078 is the 5th month of the Nepali Calendar will be welcome this month. Since this month will be running the 31st day will be happen seen under this month. Since the days were longer time to spend over this. During this month we have been working with fields and make expire of the story will share it out there. During this month there is one of the greatest festivals that will be held in Nepali is Teej Festival.

During this month there is too much rainfall in the different places of Nepal which we have to listen to and hearing to watch the video on YouTube. Even someplace will be made like a boating area to see over the Tarai area of Nepal. At the ended of this month, we have seen a rainfall will happen to see this. Bhadra Month will make remember with us to feel and the sad moments they have left their home and another purpose also too.

Sometimes I was under this place too many bust days will be spent with us to know them. But in some cases, they can feel it out this way to know them. Even a lot of people have been working under this. During this month I have been complete the payment from YouTube channel first payments to reach this one.

Sometimes I was also be tried while working time to spend this day. Some cases will not miss out on this. Cannot stop the rainfall within a week also too. But we have listened to the differ at the place of Pokhara they have been destroying with water of Rainfall with monsoon time happen to reacted there. People can not be the image this year.

Bye Bye Bhadra Month 2078 hope this month you will be made close this month. Hope you will be making some of the stories that will happen under this. I was have spending with the new place and new area to feels over under this place to show them. Even they have been working under this place to move on there. In some cases, they have been working on this.

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