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Evening working into the Rice Mill in Bhalam

Evening working into the Rice Mill in Bhalam at evening time we have been arrived under this place to moving their working into the Rice Mill area over there. We have moving forward under the place of Casimpool side to stay there scooter lock there. We have been crossing the bridge of Bhalam over there. Within a few minutes, we have been arrived at this place to move on there. Under that mill, we have been already going that place there. Even we had been going for this place for two things over there. 

We will e open the Masala Mill with them over there. Since the lady will be running the Rice Mill to run their business into their home there. Since she will be were busy will be working over there. She will be working with the rice mill house over. Even there is too much hot while we have facing will be coming into the head side to bring coming from the head side there. 

Even she will be told with us everything over there. She will be busy running this mill house to service given eh people over there. Some of the people will be seen over there. While we had ding working over to check over there. Too much tired while working time with meet working under the three-place working in a day with the father working over there. He will be make tried while doing this one over there. 

At night time we were working under this place. Even she will be making their happy one while happening under this working over. She will be got another person working into to calls with us there. She will be happy to talk into the moring time to coming and visit to check their machinery part to do there. Evening working into the Rice Mill in Bhalam will be finished at night time over there. Even the sun was already set over there. Even we have seen a look of cloudy will be changed to see over there. 


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