Why Mr Laxman YouTube Channel  viewer will be low

Why Mr Laxman YouTube Channel  viewer will be low but I will be upload a regular basis under the channel to upload there. But most of People will be join into my channel but thy didn’t looks a video to watch as full over there. Even i were check out daily but the view will be come only 20 or 40 view will be visiting there. But I have been mention to take tag, thumbnail and video quality were fine to see there.

My channel viewer will be coming slow way to watch there. But they were unable to make them clear way to understood this one. But I will be make lot of Subcriber and view will be gain it. But I needs a regular video content to mention it out there to know this. But I will be make request to to all public audiences to keep watch a video and keep a video over there.

Mr Laxman is like owner name first part to know this. But I were upload a video with Nepali Language only which I am from nepal side. But some is video were still make running over there. Still I will be checking out there regular basis to check in studio beta version Further to check a view over there. I am trying to make such kind of video were upload into my channel were make travel and other purpose to see it.

I am smaller Youtuber from the Nepal. But I were active for 3 month ago to make regular video content to upload there. Then I’ll have making a video content to use this feature under there. But they aren’t interested to looking into my video to getting promotion under there. Even some of video I were boost with Google ads to take their view from there.

But my channel were make dead way to use this feature to back on it. Some of part we need to make upload over the different way to know them this feature to do. But slow I have make thumbnail creation were nice and good for attractive to use there. But there is less viewer will be visiting into my channel there. All of Nepali people to need make help out this one.

Why Mr Laxman YouTube Channel  viewer will be low but aren’t seems to looking into my video were nice to Rech there. But will be request to all those Nepali we need to make lot of things to use this video and keep share your content make regular base to upload there. I am trying to make level base under there. Hope you will getting to me support and love with them.


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