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Good Morning From Krisi Syangja

Good Morning From Krisi Syangja is the village were the area which near from the highway side to moving under this place further visiting this place to move on there. Since this area looks like a city area where the people will be lives under this place. Even the people who will be working in the agriculture fields will have did it. Today we have been visiting this place further working with the Rice mill over this place to moving there. 

Since the morning time, we have facing out the rainfall over this place. Since there is heavy rainfall will be reacted will be seen under this place. There is less amount of house will be roadside they have been lives over there. Since there are two or three Rice Mill overseen this place to make the working their business life over this. 

The hour we have to reach this place from the Pokhara to Krisi place of Syangja. This is the place where they can be visiting this place. Even the summer and winter season we have visiting able to visiting to move on this place there. You may go from your own vehicles like Bike and Scotor will be seen under this place there. Since the ward office will be established under this place where the people will be easy to pay for Tax from there. 

It will be cover with the hills area of the forest ever green will be happen seen this place. Even one of the rivers will flow into the middle of the land over this place. Some of the parts were good and awesome one to know this there. This place isn’t like a tourist area but there is a village area where they have been lives under this place for their shelter over there. 

Good Morning From Krisi Syangja were visit this place favourite contains over there. They will be visiting their even the Bramine society and low caste of people will be lives under this place there. Today morning I feel a lot of things will remember to know what a really great and awesome place were the people will be live under this place. But while we have raised the sun into this place it will feel much more honest over there unable to stay under that place there. 

After a few days back there is rainfall over this place as we have asked some person under this place. This place was like a village and feels too relax to stay under this place stay there. We have found a lot of places where we haven’t found out this way to place to stay over there. 


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