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My Journey Lockdown Journey in Nepal 2021

My Journey Lockdown Journey in Nepal 2021 is being too much bad and unwanted happen while we have been facing out their lockdown happen into the city area side to know there. Since last 2077 Chaitra, they have been the first lockdown will be announced by the government of Nepal. It is too much month they have been shut down their case of Covid-19 will happen to see there. Under the Asar Month we there is a little bit that will be open into the rest of part of the area we will be moving over there. Since we have to face the awareness from the Police while they will be thieves with us while they have been break the rule of government follows the system into the lockdown. 

People were being pushed out and we were forced to do our own thing. He had come here on foot. He used to come here with Vehicles and take them away and then he used to take them here and spread them at home. And we were watching the day and putting videos on our YouTube and the days were gone. And later in Lockdown, people were evicted from their homes. And then people started doing their work. The government is still working for survival in Nepal.

I also had a lot of fun in Second Lockdown. I used to post my videos once a day and some of the videos were rare. And I was also doing earrings from YouTube and I was constantly giving my work for my work as well. In this Lockdown, I have done things that I do not know. At this time, people have to stay at home and do their own work. We were also annoyed to hear the neves of other countries. Why don’t the people of the country go to the market without wearing a mask?

I spent all my money on YouTube and on the website, and according to Karcher, I also did my work. My job was to see others as well. I have done a lot for other people as well. I also learned a lot during Lockdown’s time. Because of Lockdown, I have heard everything about how people have lived their lives. I have kept this in mind and people have an opinion that should be kept in mind. My only job was to post videos on YouTube and blog posts on the website. I didn’t have any other job.

My Journey Lockdown Journey in Nepal 2021 was awesome and rocking the days will be pasting out to learn somethings new lesson under their bring out this one. Since the people will be finding out this new way of change happen under this lesson they will be followed up with me. 

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