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My Youtube Journey of Mr Laxman in 2021

My Youtube Journey of Mr Laxman in 2021 Since last year July month 2020 the channel will be getting monetization from the channel. Since 2012 this channel will be created but there is not working under the youtube channel there. Even I have been changing the name of the channel which the people will be looking for with me there. But since last year this channel will be growing up under to working with the youtube channel to getting the reach number of people will be collected over there. 

During the journey time, I have been asking with the friends while to see there. Even I have been still working with the under regular base under my channel to getting the reach number of people who will be getting touch with me there. Since the people will be follow up with me there. Even I have been working lot of things that happen under the youtube channel journey to moving forward to reach under this 2021 year. 

What I have done is also shown to others. And the things I do here are also my favorite. And I’ve also sung subscriptions. And the things I do are also liked by others. Others also follow us. I have been followed by many people. The reason why people follow me is that I can do some things from there and it is easy to do something. I still have to post more YouTube videos than I do once a day. We are also thinking of posting a video. As I thought, he also posted a video. I have also done a lot of crawling in my Journey.

I have also monetized the YouTube channel by charging money. And after I monetized, I started to reduce my videos, but later in the day, I also became Lockdown, and I also thought about what to do in Lockdown. And now you have to work on YouTube and now you have to show others by working on YouTube. There are still people following me on my channel. I also like it. I have spent a lot of money to monetize. I monetized the channel by using Facebook. And if you watch the current channel, your beard has also changed. You can see it in the previous video. You can also say that many things have improved.

I still do a lot of work. I also put my YouTube videos on my channel. You also like what I have done. I have already posted my travel videos and tips videos. You can also visit my channel. You can also search my channel for Mr Laxman. After you search, everything is known in the channel. I am also very sad. I have worked hard to show you the pain. You have to look at the work I have done. Some of my videos are rare. My Youtube Journey of Mr Laxman in 2021 is really hard-working while after getting monetization into my channel growth to reach the number of fans will be collected to reach there. 


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