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Shaadi Special in Super Dancer Chapter 4

Shaadi Special in Super Dancer Chapter 4 Today, on July 31, 2021, the people here have come to this show. Here, people have also invited their wife and husbands to this show. Teams of Super Chapter 4 have been invited here. Anish and Akash have also danced on Stage. Here, people have done a good job of giving their dance. Everyone is up. Ritesh’s Wife has commented that he has talked about marriage and also remembered that day. Gita also commented that she is very good at doing solo in today’s dance. Anurag has also commented. Everyone gave Liber and climbed the stairs.

And here the fans are doing their dance. They also dance well here. He has done much better than his own. The people here dance very well. Riteish’s Wife comments that little people like to dance big. Ritesh has also commented that the choreography in the dance here is also very good. Anurag said that the performance of the dance is good even though it is very dazzling and expensive. Here also gave Liber. Gita has commented, I have said that all the comments have been made by Ritesh. Everyone here also gave Liber.

Neeraj and Bhavan are dancing together. They are giving their dance on Stage. The dance of the people here on the Stage is also very good. Ritesh‘s Wife has commented that I have been losing people here before. I am also very emotional and seeing this act, I also felt like I wanted to buy something. Here also gave Liber. Gita herself got up from the chair and lowered her hand. You have done very expensive choreography. Here also gave Liber. Ritesh gave the direct libre and this story was very good. Here he asked for a ladder and climbed up. Anurag also commented that it is very good in the whole act and also gave Liber.

Amit and Amardeep have danced very well here. It’s a lot of fun to dance here. Here, people are also very fortunate in their dance. Ritesh has commented that you are very good at dance. Anurag also commented well and gave Liber. Gita said in the comment that Amardeep thought that your thinking is very good. Here he gave Liber.

Arsia and Anurag have danced here. He has also done a good job in Stage. The dances here are also good. The work done here is good. Ritesh’s Wife made a good comment and also gave Liber. Ritesh gave his good comment after watching the dance here. Anurag also gave a very good dance in today’s show and also Liber. Gita commented that she has done something new and also gave Liber. Anurag also ordered the CD and here it is.

Ansiyaka and Aryan are dancing together. The dances here at Stage are also very good. Here, dance is also loved by everyone. The dance here was very good and the work done here was fine. Everyone has given Liber to the people here as well.

Shaadi Special in Super Dancer Chapter 4 will be ended here on Saturday will be ended here now. Hope you will be followed up under this over there. It will be upload for the next vlogs will be updating it here to know it well for this one case will be finding out this way to use it well for this one. 

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