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Live Shows Round of The Voice of Nepal Season 3 Episode 27

Live Shows Round of The Voice of Nepal Season 3 Episode 27 of July 16, 2021, of Himalaya TV HD Channel at 8 pm on Nepali Time. This episode will be running into the Live Shows Round will continue on it. Sushil Nepal will be welcome the Show will the Voice of Nepal Season 3 Episode of Friday. Kiran Raj Giri’s own mother will be leaving this earth due to the hospital will running to check out there. All Voice of Them will be make peace in heave will tell them.

As still, the Vote line will be open until the shows will be ended time to see their performance over there. 1st performance will go on Team Trishna contestant of name Karna Raj Giri will sing a song into the stage side to them. As he will be told to choose the voice to move ahead to do there. He will unable to make speak about his own mother over there.

As Team Trishna, Raju, Pramod, and Deep will give a well sings with the comment while the performance-wise to give better and well done given them tells this. As he sings style will well and great to feels touchable songs he will doing the performances there.

2nd Performance will come from the Team Deep congestant will be singing a song with Govin Pun will get their own best under the stage side to showing there. As Team Pramod and Deep will give good comments while the wise performance of him there. He will expire and dance with his partner also to showing them entertaining act over there.

3rd contestant will be from Team Deep again there. Jinesh Rai will do their best way of singing over there. His vote line will be close after this show will be ended part-time. Team Raju will give comments while today performing he tells everything he will be happy while doing this song today there. Deep will also give comments with them well done and all the best for the vote round there.

4th contestant from Team Pramod talent will be singing a song over there. Niharika Gyawali will do their best performance over into the stage over there. As Trishna will give comments with she will bring the awesome style of singing performances over there. As Pramod will also give sings style we’re doing one way to signing over there.

5th contestant from Team Trishna of the name Jwala Rai will give sings songs over there. He will give better singing on style over there. Pramod will give comments while singing style on performance today I will impress with you. Trishna will give a comment whole style of performance over well done and good on singing today.

6th contestant from Team Pramod. Ravi Gahatraj will give their best performances over the stage side to give better over there. Deep will give a comment over there he will doing well sings today. Pramod will give comment with own talent there. He will Do best on sings today well good for all of them.

7th cornestant from the Team Raju. Tara Sreesh Magar will be doing performances over there on the stage side there. Trishna will comment with there she will do well performance over there. Raju also gives an amazing and well-done performance over there.

8th contestant from Team Raju again will back to sidings on stage there. Bijaya Thada Magar will be singing well performed over there. He will do better while on live shows around there. Deep will give Comments unexpected sings today’s performance I cannot see ever this style here. Raju also gives comments own talent there. He will be doing make reach high over there. Hope he will be saved from there to do this one.

9th contestants from Team Trishna. Afrita Khadgi will do the best performance on the stage side there. She will give their own best on singing to give the Vote from the audience over there. Raju gives comments with her that were as good and really enjoy your songs here. Keep it up and good luck. Trishna also gives good comments while today performing over there.

10th contestant from Team Raju. Sonam Sherpa will do their own performances over the stage there with the beautiful songs he will do over there. Trishna will give a comment I am shocked while your performance over today still I will not believe under this songs. Raju will be happy to see this performance of comment will entertain and well done and good job and all the best them.

11th contestant from Team Pramod. Kiran Gajmire will show their own best sings a song into the stage side there. He will try to best and feels to touch with the audience level as voting round there. Raju will give a good comment with him. You are doing a really awesome and a great job on your performance today. Pramod will comment own talent about well done and excited for Nepali songs of old songs they will doing best singing today there.

12th contestants from Team Deep. Aryan Tamang will do their own sings songs over there. He will give trying to best and nice for performing today there. As the last contestants will give their best on it Parmod will give a good comment with him there. Deep also give a good comment about him there.

Today OPPO Performance of days goes on Tara Sreesh Magar will gift Hamper from oppo phone and Himalaya Halpal gift Hamper also take it. Lotus White Glow also takes the gift Hamper receives it.

Top 11 Contestants of The Voice of Nepal Season 3

1. Govin Pun
2. Ravi Gahatraj
3. Bijaya Thada Magar
4. Jwala Rai
5. Karna Raj Giri
6. Tara Sreesh Magar
7. Aryan Tamang
8. Naharika Gyawali
9. Sonam Sherpa
10. Kiran Gajmire
11. Afrita Khadgi

Jinesh Rai will be out from the Top 12 from the voice of Nepal season 3. Your journey will be ended here right now. Those who out from the show will be received check twenty thousand from city express and civil Bank 15 thousand cash check they received it. As well as they have given free 6 sex month net tv cinema plus from worldline.

Team Trishna Three talent, Team Raju three talent, Team Pramod three Talent, and Team Deep Two talent All three Team talent were saved under this round of live shows of day 3. Even we have missed the Team Deep one talent contestant from with us. He will be getting the reach of fans collecting under it. He will be trying to cry it lot there.

Live Shows Round of The Voice of Nepal Season 3 Episode 27 will be ended here of Friday episode. Hope it will be continued under the Saturday episode with seeing Top 11 contestants will be given their songs over there. All Top 11 contestants will be open for the voting line over there. Sushil Nepal will be ended the shows here. Hope you will enjoy these shows a lot there. Hope it will be continued till for next post update over here. Keep stay connect with us here.

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