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Have you Still Support Kp Oli in Nepal 2078

Have you Still Support Kp Oli in Nepal 2078 it’s been the third time he will be getting the Prime Minister of Nepal. But still, the people will be love and support him there. Nowadays the Kp Oli will be less number of people will be supported with him with his behavior working into to rule in Nepal now. Even he didn’t manage to handle the Nepali people to give this time to save them there. 

Oli has not done anything for the country. The people of our country Nepal have died because of the government. Nothing was said about the landslide victims even now. But it may not be given to Oli in the coming vote. Oli has won by believing in his people, but he has only an opinion for the rest of his life. I also don’t like Oli’s mouth as nothing but for the country.

At the present time, the government is wondering what to do, even if the people are suffering. How do you feel about Oli’s words? Oli’s talk is only for a moment. Even if you don’t speak, you have to make it work. Oli’s words have not been done in Nepal either. Even today, Oli has hope. At the time he won Oli from Vote, out of respect for the trust of the people, he has forgotten that. Oli may not have done anything for his place.

You still support Oli, it’s just a matter of Oli, not anything else. The only money that comes in is to eat for the country. In many places, taxes are levied on the people themselves. I don’t think I have to spend any more money. I think it would be better not to stay in Oli’s country for this country as well. I don’t even have support for Oli. Whether you have direct support or not is up to you. Have you Still Support Kp Oli in Nepal 2078 nobody people cannot trust him nowadays. 

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