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Black and White Celebration in Super Dancer Chapter 4

Black and White Celebration in Super Dancer Chapter 4 of July 3 and July 4 episode which the running into the sony televisions over there. They will be weekend Annu Kapoor will be joining it out this episode over there. He will be trying to give enjoy and entertainment over there. Some of were contestants were already dance into the previous article to miss it out due to rainfall heavy over there. I cannot mention yesterday’s stories to mention to you here. 

Amit and Amardeep have also done Guru together in Stage now. Anurag has said that it is very expensive. Here is the liberator. Geeta Kapoor is also very good at dance these days. Here he gave Liber. Shilpa commented that it was good and also gave Liber. Annu Kapoor is commenting that this song is also very good, remember the day before.

Dancing on Stage with Florina & Snow on Stage today. Haur himself also danced to very nice songs here. Geeta Kapoor has also commented. Today’s charter is not very good. Shilpa is also commenting. Today’s act is also very good. There is also a super dance. Here is the liberator. Why did Anurag come up with this idea in today’s dance? Annu Kapoor has also said that the song is nothing but this song.

Summit and Webbs have also come to Dance Stage. They have also danced here on today’s stage. Everyone has risen from the dead. Geeta Kapoor has said that Bhanu is very good in the comments. Here he gave Liber. It is also possible to make others laugh. Here too, Liber has given. How Anurag remembers is also mentioned in the dance in the act. Liber has also given here.

Anisika and Aryan are dancing on the stage. Here is his dance in Stage. The craft is also very good. Here he also gave Liber and climbed the stairs. Geeta Kapoor has also come to mind. He has risen here by himself. Anurag said that the comment is outstanding. He has also given it here and also to Liber.

Geeta Kapoor and Anurag have tried to dance together. You have done a very good dance. Ash and Sonali are also asked to dance on Stage. Here they will do their dance better on Stage. Anurag is commenting on the magic of today’s dance. The craft has also brought a lot of value to dance. Here he also gave Liber the craft and also climbed the stairs.

Geeta Kapoor can also do very well. Today’s finish is also good. Here he also gave Liber himself. Annu Kapoor also commented. I also remember the day before. Today’s episode is over. Now, in the coming days, I will take care of you. I will take care of you myself. Black and White Celebration in Super Dancer Chapter 4 will enjoy this weekend every weekend they will enjoy a lot there. 

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