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Landslide in Dhading Narayangarh to Muglin

Landslide in Dhading Narayangarh to Muglin due to continuing rainfall over there. People have to travel a lot this year. There is a lot of danger on the way to it. If you look down, the river is flowing. Today, I have also talked about people sitting in their way and trying to persuade some people to die. Here he was also involved in choosing his naves. And it was also mentioned here that it is a memory. And it has happened at times, even when people are wearing it. Now the road has become clearer. It happened in the morning and the big boat had capsized and for the same reason, it was put in a wheelchair.

You may also remember how it feels to travel when you hear this. It also comes to mind no matter what. You should do your clean travels. This is the time to stay at home and save yourself by staying at home. This time is not to go anywhere else. The year was also very heavy due to non-stop rain due to this place was also visited. It may have rained heavily today. It has rained in many parts of the country. You may have heard what these naves sounded like.

Police said that the vehicles buried on the highway could be searched after the landslide was stopped. There is a long line of freight and passenger vehicles when the road is blocked. Large landslides have hit five places from Muglin to Narayangarh.

The police sat down and asked him to open it and he did his work here. At such a time, he also talked about what has happened to him. What is being said in that place is that we have done the policing of Charles, we have also done our work here. Landslide in Dhading Narayangarh to Muglin still the road will be fine to clear own way to do there right now there. 

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