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Why My Youtube Video cannot be run in Google Ads

Why My Youtube Video cannot be run in Google Ads while I set up the campaign from my own account to make the youtube video to promote to advertise over from there. But I cannot see this video will be running or not. Even I have also been asking this question to tams while happening under this issue about to fixed this problem there. Even a lot of people will be making to solve this finding out there. There is no notification that will be seen over there. Even there is no running into my youtube video promotion from the Help of Google Ads there. 

Even I have a set of two or three videos to get the promotion over there. But I cannot see the video cannot see the viewer over to checking the promote under there. Even I am unable to find out those happen runnings over there. What happens under this issue will be finding out there. Even the people who will be trying it out this reached number of subscribers and viewers will be finding out this way to do there. 

I have also lost my studio cane, but I have not even promoted the ads in the video. Why did I talk to youtube staff? I was given a link saying that this is a hassle. This is a hassle of watching Google’s Teams. I went to that link and there was no reply from There. You have to know why this problem has happened to me or to others. You may also be running your own YouTube videos from Google Ads. Many people think that they can promote their videos by making money from Google Ads.

But I have also seen on YouTube why it has not been promoted, but it has not been fixed. It’s also something people have to go through. I also have to do a lot of work with the help of Google Ads. A few days ago, I also cried for Ads for a video in a video, but the video did not come. If you have a problem, please let me know. Why do you need to know these things? Many people have also made money from Google Ads with the help of Google Ads. Why My Youtube Video cannot be run in Google Ads it might get the problem to happen under that video while they have published this thing to approval from teams there. 

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