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We need the government to save Corona Vaccine

We need the government to save Corona Vaccine In Nepal, Vaccine has come, but not everyone has received. The government has done for Budget that all the survivors have to wear it, but not all Nepalis have been able to wear it in Nepal so far. What is the government doing now? If you want to buy a baby, you have to buy it all together. So far no one was able to send in the perfect solution, which is not strange. But even the old men have only got the survivors but also why we have got the little ones.

I have also written about this, but what the government has been doing for a long time, has been trying to persuade the people. Why do we talk about the government? Our country Nepal is small but it is also a country that helps others. Others have done the same, but even if the government finds Laguna in other places, it will pay for the survival of others.

The people are greedy, but even in the time of greed, the children have to be given wards in the wards, but the government has given birth to others, but also why the government has given less in other places. Also happens It has been said that after the death of the people, they have to bring the survivors, but there is also something to be done for the people in the matter that the government of Nepal has thrown away. What do you think is best? The government has begged for more and more survivors and not only by begging but all the people have to do it at once. Instead, spend time on other days and people will go by themselves.

Now the government is not just sitting down. Survivors should not wear anything and others should not wear it. It is also easy to apply at once. You also have to wear it according to what you have done. But the government has to look at it a lot to survive. We need the government to save Corona Vaccine to save all of the people who live into own country place to this. 

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