Krisi Opposite Village for working place today

Krisi Opposite Village for working place today we have moved from the place form moving from the Pokhara to place of Syangja place move on working into there. Since the morning time, it will be making to sharing into working to set the new mill over this place there. It will be difficult situation will be followed out this place to move on this place there. Even I have been a ride with the scooter with the big rainfall over that place also too. This is the opposite village we have moving this place set a new Rice Mill there. 

Within the Wheat Maize inside there is one house where stay over there. While far from the Place of Krisi place we have seen this place. The road was lines were difficult to moving while the water rainfall over walking into there. It will be very much slow-moving under this place under this one there. That person will be called with this one phone call there. He will be coming there. Then we moving into the place goto your Millhouse there.

Within a few minutes, he will be coming to this place there. We have been waiting for that place over there the mill house there. There was a lot of sweat after going to that place. The man also came to get corn in his field and we had a chat with one of the people and one of the people also took the number from the mob and that People have also given. There was water in this place too. And it was going to rain and in a moment it was going to rain again.

We had a nice time in that place and it wasn’t sunny today and we had a good time in that place from my mobile, but I didn’t even put a video on my mobile. In the days to come, I have left Mobile. And I didn’t watch the video because it was raining in that place. Krisi Opposite Village for working place today we moving under this place over there. 


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