The landslide has destroyed a different place in Nepal in 2021

The landslide has destroyed a different place in Nepal in 2021 all of the places where will be happen to listen to this news with different websites in their different place to know it. Nowadays the video will be published once you there then I will be making a sharing the same video into their own channel also too. We have listened to the news from Nayanrani River, Maydi River, Seti River, KaliGandaki River, Lamjung, Manang etc. Some of the main forces to destroy this landslide into their place.

According to what I have heard, some people have been able to survive and some people have even reached Morna because of landslides. But what the government is missing is that the people are waiting for Korchi to take care of the lives of the people. The government has to help the government as much as it can at this time. The government has to pay for these Poor families and look after their own lives here. I am also saddened that there have been hours of this happening in many places.

It is believed that more and more people have gone to Landslides in Sidhpulchowk. In Mayalamchi, houses have been inundated. More and more people are being evacuated. The army has also rescued people from their helicopters. People have to make water for their lives. It is also a place where the government has to look at what people are doing.

I also used to go to my place but there are no such hours in our place. However, when I went to Pokhara Bazaar, the news came that I had heard this on Facebook. We, the people of other countries, have also lost sight of what has happened in Nepal. The people living in the country have also suffered. You may be worried that this will happen in your own home.

If you are still coming, you should go to your place of refuge. The people here know the people. The people who work in the ward have to do this work. The PD families have to help. Pools have been visited in many places and people have also bid farewell. The river is also flowing towards there. Even when people are big, people have to survive for their food. The landslide has destroyed a different place in Nepal in 2021 we need to help to notice don’t stay under that place to move on back to the safe place they have been noticing them. 

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