Seti River is Increase in Asar 1st Day in Pokhara
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Seti River is Increase in Asar 1st Day in Pokhara It had been raining since yesterday. And since morning I had also gone to that place after eating. And it has worked in this place as well. Many people went to see the place for this work. It was raining so I had to watch. It rained heavily yesterday and it has always been because of the seasonal rain in that place. There were also houses of people near Seti. And why aren’t people scared in this place?

At night I found out at bedtime I was too. He has also visited his house in this place. There was always heavy rain in this place. There is nothing that you can do about it. This is why people live in such a place. But people may not have heard these things. You can also see what the morning video was like. And I have gone to that place even after eating.

Neves Hour has also come from other places. I haven’t even slept with my people. I have gone to see people near our house. You have to see what these people have, you have to see what happens at night. It’s not a big deal in this place, but people have to deal with it in the light of it. This is always the month of Asar. The people who live with us are also worried that they will come to us somewhere.

Seti River is Increase in Asar 1st Day in Pokhara it will be happening into our city. This image will be published under this one while checking into our place to know this one. This news will be share throw form social media side also too. This month will remember the dangerous status that will happen to feels and real to see into our place over there. 

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