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Visiting Ghari at Tanahu in Nepal

Visiting Ghari at Tanahu in Nepal in the morning at 11 am we arrived at this place to move on there. Since the people will be waiting for him there over there. He will go own land to make water over there into land cultivated over there. Even he will be already talked the bring the buffalo over from already over there. Even in the morning time, we have talked with them over there. Even the will be lives own home for shelter during this time. 

It is very hot in this place. In this place, people have to stay at home to do their work. People here should also know how hot it is in this place. It’s probably hot in the morning and evening. We have gone to do our work. Panis came to this place from Sarit. This summer too people have to do it themselves.

I also wanted to live in this place. To do this we have to do our own thing. The sun was shining in this place. I was sweating a lot from my head. There is also heat in the house. There are many people living in this place. He is also living in his house doing his chores. We have come from Pokhara to take buffalo to this place.

We just went to see this place. How is the buffalo? I didn’t want to stay in that place even for a moment, but I have to go because of my work. This is how people live in this place. Summer is very hot in Season for people. In this place, people also do their work. Once you can be Visiting Ghari at Tanahu in Nepal under this place while shitting this place to move on there. 

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