Why do people get married at such a small age in Nepal

Why do people get married at such a small age in Nepal I have been thinking of getting married since I was a child in school. You may have seen this in societies. Many people have gone to other places than their own. For example, in our society, a boy marries a girl who is younger than himself because people here have been making love to him since he was little. This is not even known at home. Here is what happened to Love. People have made their lives better because of Love. We have to listen to these rumors, as in many media outlets.

What do you think will happen in life after getting married at a young age? You probably know what happens when you don’t have support from your family and you don’t get support. If you marry yourself and bring it home, it will be different from what your mother and father thought that day. What is in the society is that if the girl of the other is swept away, then how to find the same people by polishing them.

Have you ever had a girl? You can talk to your mother about your feelings. Why mother is not mother for you. Most boys don’t say that in their families. It is done by thinking. You may have wondered what to do with your own marriage. Getting married is a matter of one day. If you lose your life one day, it will be a problem for you later.

They have already planned here. There is also money to be spent on moving from one place to another. If people here have suffered, they have come to the media themselves. Here’s why people don’t love their promises. One thing that happens to mother and father is that when a girl and a boy get married to each other, it is good for society as well. There is a lot of talk in society. Marriage is a matter of one or two days and then society accepts it.

You may want to get married at the right age. In our country, it is customary to marry a girl who is younger than a boy. But some people say it never happens. And the bride has to look her best during this time, because of posterity more than anything else. In any case, if you get married at the right time, your life will be better. Even the people will be asking Why do people get married at such a small age in Nepal happen to news feed into our society to see this report over there.

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