Today 2 Hour Spending in Nepal Bank Limited in Pokhara

Today 2 Hour Spending in Nepal Bank Limited in Pokhara in the morning time I arrived at this place to move from 11:21 am to 1:21 pm I will be left to waiting for a line over the token I took the token for going over there. Since they’re more than 300 people will be waiting in line over there. Even the people of old man and female will be waiting around the bankside there. 

Even a lot of people will be getting the Pincin about the Army over to reach the monthly income salary into their account. It will be updated system-wise according to the bank server doing working over there. Even these things will be done by the system with the head office from the Kathamndu place over there. Even I will be talking about the person who I have been ever seen for there. They have done their own way of doing this one over there. 

Today 2 Hour Spending in Nepal Bank Limited in Pokhara during this lockdown will be happening in the different places of Nepal side. Because this bank will be open only the two days on there. Even the people will be coming from the different place of pokahra with received the money and take money from the bankside there.

People came from many places. And after a long time, people came to the place saying that people are close to that place. Like many people, their relatives also came. The missing people had made their excuses and the guard had also given them to Jana. Here was given and was sitting in the guffaw and also talked to people about this corona. Everyone wants money. I don’t have money to do anything. People are just money at this time.

I didn’t feel cold even when I was sitting in the cold and I did it in other places but I don’t think it will work. It would have been easier for me to put it in place, but it didn’t. I have also been to that place. But that guy said we don’t do these things and I’m sitting in that place. The sun was not shining but it was hot.

A Police van also came. What can the Police do for us? We are told to come to our work. All people say that they have not come without work. If the police have their own work, they can go by themselves. They went by themselves for their work. We have also abused the government. At this time, it should be open all day in banks as well. Today it opens at the branch and tomorrow another branch opens. People have to go there too


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