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Mr Laxman Trying to Remove the Strike Warning on Youtube

Mr Laxman Trying to Remove the Strike Warning on Youtube with the team chatting into this morning’s time to request to remove such kinds of things over from policy under youtube. Even they have sent the article about to reading the strike policy when you got this strike you cannot able to do anything over there. But the case isn’t taking it seriously matter on this one. It will be given by the youtube teams only a warning happen into your content video over there. 

I have been doing this since morning but I have not been able to do it yet. I have said many times that there is no test in my video. You said you should remove it. But no matter who reported it, I need to know why I did it. This is just a warning. The next time you do this, it will be a woman. I’ve never had a woman in a video. The woman had been with me for 90 days without any monetization. I made a mistake in this and I have to understand the mistake according to the rules of YouTube.

I have roofed many of your staff, but some of the staff have not roofed well in a long time because I was told that they do their job here. But it’s okay, but the same thing has to be done here. I tried a lot to remove it but it didn’t work. I received a warning from a woman on the same day that I did not remove this video. Here it is, you have made a video. We did not do anything for you. I told you to put me on the roof.

I had also lost the videos of others. But there is no number in the video. We say it in our own language, Nepali is also the language. You don’t even have to understand it here. The only thing I understand here is English. There is an opinion that the other linguists are also talking about it. I only know my language and English. English is the only language to cover here.

I have been roofing for 1 hour, only the link here has saved me. Just look at the link here and all you have to do is tell me. I also got bored and 1 hour later I took it off the roof myself. YouTube staff has done the work. Little Youtuber like us had a thought in my mind about what happens to Bora. Mr Laxman Trying to Remove the Strike Warning on Youtube but unsuccessful in doing this case from his own channel there.

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