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Morning time of Lockdown in Pokhara 2021

Morning time of Lockdown in Pokhara 2021 this capture will be finding out this one. Even the people will be moving into the city side to bing the material for there. This image will be showing with the New Road Pokhara. While I bring the material into the shop with the item part of machinery will be finding out there. During this time we have found out this lockdown what the people will be doing into the morning time over there. 

In this place, people carry their wheelchairs. People also go to work in the morning. In the morning, Police do nothing for people. If you go to get your belongings, then the people here will leave them themselves. But the Police are sitting on the square and some people are also stopped. In Pokhara, people are also hit in the morning. In groups, people are also hit in the morning and in the evening.

This is a photo we took to make it work. I have posted it to make it work, but people are also interested in working for themselves. People have been living in their homes because they are greedy. And that’s when I started to go to the market. We have done our part for this. We had to eat in Lockdown.

In Lochkadov, people go for their work, others go for their work. People have worked. Others are building houses. Lockdown is also building houses. I am also building a house near my house. This has happened in the time of Lockdown. On the Morning time of Lockdown in Pokhara 2021, they will visit to shop to bring the material for their own home. Some were people will be doing working mention place into the valley side they have to do this working overt there. 

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