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Pudi Village of Tanahu of Nepal 2021Pudi Village of Tanahu of Nepal 2021

Pudi Village of Tanahu of Nepal 2021 is a small village area which the people will be lives on this place. This is the place where the opposite side of Highway of further going to this place. Pudi Village is the around surrounded by the hills of forest middle where people will belives in this place. From the Tanahu Bazar, we have to reach this place for a maximum of 30 minutes to reach this place. But there is a small rice mill were running the diesel engine to starting their business to give service to all of them. Even that place we’re going a lot of facilities during this time. Even the people will be happy to work with the fields of agriculture over there. 

During this time they have cultivated the Maize growth month in Nepal. There is no water problem in this place. Everything is gone in this place but the roads are a bit bad. When it rains, the house is flooded. There are also many old houses. But there are not many houses like the market. People in the village went to another house and did their thing and had fun. Corona is talking and she’s been talking. It is unknown at this time what he meant by corona.

It is very hot in this place. If the sun is shining during the day, it will be very cold for us. Newcomers also find it hard to live in this place. People are doing their job now. People do what they do not do. Some people drink a lot of alcohol. A village is also a place where there is a road and a lot of fun. I have seen a lot of garbage in the place of this house. I don’t think people have understood what it means to clean.

It is better in the rainy season now and later in other times. People stay in their homes when there are floods. Other people go to their farms. He goes to the fields to plant his crops. According to that, the days here are gone. Other people do their job. Once you can travel this Pudi Village of Tanahu of Nepal 2021 to feels their people lifestyle of Village there.

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