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Can India lockdown be open soon

Can India lockdown be open soon in 2021 during these days? Even the case will be increase day by day to getting the number of cases of Corona and death rate will be increased in  India. Shall Modi will be open the India Lockdown in 2021 soon. Even the people will be waiting for this open this lockdown as soon as possible. If the number of increasing the people case will increase daily it will be close the lockdown will be extended in India country. 

Might not open this lockdown in Indian right now. Even the people will be fought with the vaccine with which they haven’t got the first vaccine in India. Most of the village areas didn’t take the first vaccine into their place. Some of the people will be making unable to take vaccine does over there. Still, the village area people haven’t checked out the Corona test with their village over there. 

Because of this corona, not all Indians are allowed to work. It is also difficult for other people to walk around. Others have said that we have not been able to do anything because of this greed. Food items have not been sold at this time. People also come less. You have also felt. Here’s how to put one together for use with your family. Lockdown has done a lot of things. The people of India are still looking at things.

But it has also happened in our country Nepal as it has done in India. Many people in India have died because of this corona. He is still dead. If the cornea is still large, it is also difficult. Other businesses have also declined due to Lockdown. There has been an increase of six. You may also see. The people of the country also go to work in India. Here they come to Nepal again. And because of the corona here, the corona is very big in our country. Our country is very big in Nepal, it is less and more in six days.

But I have also become friends here. People here are also living in their own homes. He has done his work at home. His family has done another job together. Now it is up to the government to decide whether to open it or not. What the government does is done by the government. It might not sure lockdown in India will be open or still making preparation lockdown will be added. 



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