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Which Platfrom is best in eSewa vs Khalti in 2021

Which Platfrom is best in eSewa vs Khalti in 2021 is the digital marketing of through online transaction to send, received, and pay for there. This is platform compared it same process for doing any transaction into the different sectors in Nepal. This is the number one trending digital marketing to collect a lot of users collect from the Nepal side. Even they have given better service under while doing their working issue related to share their problem over there. 

Both of them will make the scan and pay for anywhere place into the marketing and hotel to doing the san over from this digital platform over there. Both eSewa vs Khalti will make the reach number of people who will be doing their work under there. Both of them compared as same way to ratio will be same it well for description under there. 


eSewa is the headquarter in Hattisar, Kathmandu, Nepal. eSewa has been established in 2009 for the first time in Nepal. It founded by Asgar Ali in eSewa. Even there is a number of customers will be joining it this running to a company with there. It will be collected 1,000,000+ install downloads into the Application to install there. There are 8 lakhs user will be joining it out the eSewa service giving provided to the user to doing into there. He will give a better and good service to the customer in the whole country. 


Khalti is also the digital waller that we can easily send and receive and pay any transaction related to the digital payment will be paid over there. Even the Khalti was established in January 2017. More than 50,000 users will be joined in the Khalti to the user to join there. If will be founded by Amit Agrawal this Khalti payment for the first time in Nepal. More than 1,000,000+ people will be installed this Application into the mobile device. 

As I compare this Which Platfrom is best in eSewa vs Khalti in 2021 there is one way to use this one. These two systems were good on way to there. Even I have using the eSewa Wallet to use this to service to all of the customers who will be coming into my home. Under this system were good and nice to their own way there. Even a lot of companies will be making the advertiser with their own way there. 

Even the people will be joining the part of a contest with both of them. Even the people will be love and support to being the use as user or customer below on Khalti and eSewa account there. I like the eSewa service very much doing their working together to gives better service to will be added day by day to increase the number of users will be joined into the eSewa. Even the people will know about the eSewa and Khalti digital wallet to payment option for online through.

Both of them have own website blog to update the announce of under the rule and regulation under. They have winner will be under this website over there. Even they have also the provided number to call to the office to clear the issue over there. You might be follow up on the social media link also too.

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