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How to learn the Hindi language in the Nepali language 2021

How to learn the Hindi language in the Nepali language 2021 Many people like you are eager to learn their languages. I am translating here on my languages from English to Nepali. I can say my language, but I will tell you how to speak Hindi. I will tell you how to say it on the table. You can see for yourself how to do it. I don’t even know-how. But I write in English, you may understand yourself, I have gone to the city on my own blog. Many people have taught you the Hindi language. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to learn the Hindi language. You can learn Hindi by yourself.

Some Languages Translate from Nepali to Hindi

Nepali Languages  Hindi Languages
1. K cha Khabar  1. kya Khabar hai
2. Hajur Sanchai Hunuhuncha  2. Aap Achchhe Hain
3. Hajur le Khana Khanu Bhayo 3. Aapane Khaana
4. Hajur ko Ghar kata ho  4. aapaka ghar kahaan hai
5. Hajur ko Name K Ho 5. Tumhaara Naam kya he

I have written the above small things in my own language. Please teach yourself. And you can do your own thing to learn. You can do this to others. What I say in my language is more than what you say in your own language. It’s just that I wrote a little. It is better for you to learn a little. It’s just a small thing, there are many other things to do. We have learned Hindi but we have not been able to understand that language by ourselves. And it costs you money to learn. You can do it yourself without paying. You have to learn to translate in your own language.

Most of the time I post my blogs from my Google Translate. I write in my own language. If others translate in that language, they come in the language of others. And you have to learn from this. I have my thoughts. Your comments can be made on your own. And you can do your own thing. We can search by our own language to learn our own languages. Today it occurred to me that we also have to work in the Hindi language. After we also translated some things into Hindi, it is easier for us to do it for ourselves.

Nowadays we need How to learn the Hindi language in the Nepali language in 2021 into this journey to move to make this translate into the Google Search bar. It will be finding out the different languages with the different websites will be found out there. Even they will be finding out a lot of things will be happening over there. Even the people will learn the Nepali languages as well as Hindi languages also too. But under this issue, we have to learn somethings new happens into the website to search as a trending way to utilized over there. 

Somethings you can learn from Nepali languages also which I mention under the table above to read it out nicely over there. Even the people will be finding out this such an information languages to share this one. Hope you will be finding out this way to teach with us if the people will be making this demand under more feature will be happening into the blog through it will be updated there. 

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