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Are You Feels Bored in Lockdown

Are You Feels Bored in Lockdown in second Pharse has been held to spending with days going on. Even the people who make bored whole stay own home to shit there. Even they have make their own feels way to visiting anywhere place to moves on there. During this time people will making the bored while watching the YouTube and other purpose will watch it daily there.

Even the people haven’t got any respone over there lockdown over in the people. Even the Nepali will be making this lockdown going for outside place of own home. They will be far from own home. Because they have also spending a with the family member bored for it. People of old Young modern man will be feels bored to sleep whole days and night to sleep there. They want to go become refresh air to shit to see over there.

If you have own home in WiFi then let’s start to make Blogging on YouTube channel, Create a blog in website, Reading a books, Trying to finding make receipt of cooking and many more things you can spend your lockdown in home. Even you can be watch the old movie in TV with the entertainment over there. Lot if people will making the YouTube channel to make fun and entertaining over with the viewer friends also there.

Even there is Trending one Apps will be listen in Nepal that name is Tiktok Apps people funny entertainment over the people. They have make creative mind to other people to do there. Even they are trying to make funny and true story telling within short video over there. Only minimum 60s will be upload the video over there. Even the people will make the fun with their own patent to doing work with them. Some of people will make entertaining with the fans in Channel.

Me also using the time with the blog and website blogging in home. Even as I also be upload the video in YouTube also too there. Even i will be finding out the YouTube video over into there. Even the people will be finding the new video over there see. Daily I have upload once a video will upload in channel there.

During this time you needs share your talent in a YouTube also too. If you have own channel on a YouTube will be give lot of information over world. National and International people will be following to you there. Even you will making slot of create talent in YouTube also too. Some of people have take to shot a video and make upload on channel also too. Even i have shot a video in channel there is sound will coming with other people of baby sound there.

Even they people will be make sound of other animal over there. Because there is lot of house will see over there. Even the people cannot go outside to make video in there. Even my room have TV also there. Even the parent also watch the TV there. Unable to make clear way to upload video in limited time over there.

During the Lockdown you can read and search in Google to make trick to make earn money from online. You have spending your time with over there. Find and analyze your search to make starting to do there. It will be helpful to make unfeels boring with the lockdown period. Some of point will be mention out and some of point I will be share own way to sharing with here now. Hope you Are You Feels Bored in Lockdown in Nepal.

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