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Nowadays it is very hot in Pokhara 2021

Nowadays it is very hot in Pokhara 2021 I am blogging this from my home. It is very hot and there is no rain in Pokhara. It has been 2 days today in our hot summer pond. Pokhara is fine if it is hot. But people living elsewhere may not be able to cook because of the heat. People tend to eat cold during the summer. Even nowadays, people are not interested in other people’s shops. You have to go to other shops wearing a mask. Our place is hot. You can decide for yourself what it will be like in other places.

I don’t feel like doing anything because of the heat. I don’t feel like doing anything even during the summer. I don’t feel like eating even in summer, I think I can eat when I’m hungry, but I don’t feel like eating at that time. I don’t eat much when I eat and then I feel hungry. Today is also a hot day. The sun has been shining since morning. I’m sunbathing. I don’t feel sleepy after sunbathing. I feel like waking up. After waking up, I fall asleep again.

It is very hot at night, maybe because it is the house of Dolan. Even if the ground is very hot, you don’t feel like sleeping. I wonder how the people living in Dalan’s house are living. And that’s how other working people have worked. My house is Dalan’s house. Dylan is very hot in the house. Even the sun does not like the smell.

Speaking of Pokhara, people don’t like the road because the road is not very hot and the sun comes out on its own. And who goes to the place where there is an altar? Even in Chapel, it is hot. I wonder how people work during the day. I also asked how I did it from my laptop. Think for yourself how to do it when it is so hot.

What to do during the day is just to sit and eat. Other times I go out. I get outside. If you have to go out in the sun, it is very hot for you. Nowadays, our pond is hot. You may think for yourself what has happened in Nowadays it is very hot in Pokhara 2021  cannot stay anymore into the room and house also too. Even in the Dalan house, there is too much hitter happen to grow over there. 

At this, we take daily bathroom shower each and every day because there is Sweat comes and clothes are also counted. Many people sweat a lot in the body because of this. For this reason, it is better not to. There is no water in the stream even at such a time. And barley grows on itself. Even the heat makes me feel bored during the day. Even sitting in the sun, you don’t feel like working, you sweat when the sun goes down. I feel like sweating or not. How hot it is this summer and when this corona is gone

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