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Happy Mata Tirtha Aunsi 2078 in Nepali

Happy Mata Tirtha Aunsi 2078 in Nepali is held under this First month of Baisakh of Nepali Calendar mother. Today Baisakh 28, 2078 Mata Tirtha Aunsi will be spread love and missing point which express with some memory moment to spend which you born on this earth. Mata tirtha Aunsi widely known as Nepali mothers day is a great festival of Nepalese Hindu people. This Nepali version of Mother’s day is different from the western world in a way of celebration.

Bamako Mukh Herne Din has become a tradition to all Nepalese who do have or do not have their mothers. On this day, children express their gratitude to their mothers. They take a holy bath, pray for their mother and offer gifts and sweets. Those whose mothers have deceased, go to Matatirtha for celebration. They take a holy bath and do Shradhha and Sida Daan (a holy mixture of rice grain and pure food materials along with clothes).

This Happy Mata Tirtha Aunsi 2078 in Nepali which to learn to love and learn something new lesson to share into this Nepali friends and sister will miss it a lot while he/she were a foreign country further working there. So long journey they have spent with the days over there another country they will be miss this own mother. Some of the people will be sharing this out on social media platform wishes with image and video mention with own relative family member. Even each and every part of my mother trying to helping me out. Even while you doing some things working into life as new things she always giving me wishes to bless us. 

Talk about rubbing salt in my wounds – d’oh! What I didn’t do is also talked to others. You should always love your mother because if she cries, her tears will burn. There is no such thing as a mother in life. The worst thing you can do in life is to talk to your mother. The love of your child is great. Now that you have seen your mother, how many memories come to your mind if your mother is not in this world? Things come to mind as to why I did this. I was abused by my mother but according to the abuse, I could not do that in my life.

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