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How to Connect Starter Motor 2021

How to Connect Starter Motor 2021 this is the machine with working with the 3 phase line where people can able starter with delta Starter will help to Turi Mill in Pokhara. Since the wiring people, they haven’t worked well for there. We have to fix this set a wiring line into the mill over there. They have fixed to starting a starter motor into there. We have fitted the line while to see there. Here some steps to learn to follow up there. 

Connect Starter Motor 2021

1.  First you the line of 6 with nearer from the Starter option there.

2. Then you put it into the Pipeline there

3. You can add the earthing line there

4. First you can put into the line into Motor and Starter line. 

5. While making the current line with the MCB Box line into the main switch box. 

6. You needs also to connect with Motor also there.

After you fitting this one your motor will be fitting into there. We have to take a few hours to reach to bring this one. Even the oldest one the Starter which he will bring from the place of Biratnagar. Even that will be followed with own house member area to the way we have contact with them there. That will be telling that only you need to connect the Starter Motor line only there. After finish, the work we have needs to call that person to clear working into this one. 

It was nice to see people like our work. And we ate and went to work. There was no equipment in this place and the pairing of the motor was not good. And the work done here was not good. And here is the forest with people nearby. And we’ve opened it up again. And it has taken a long time to complete. And we didn’t spend much time on it. And we have to buy the same in our market in our shop. I went to Gautam’s shop to get a starter Delta of 15 HP. It costs a lot of money to get it. And here he did not give us full money.

And that’s what we did after we finished the same thing. The previous starter did not work. And since it didn’t work, we went to take it to work in this place. And that’s what we’re working on. I went on my scooter to pick it up this guy went to take the same with me. But it also takes a lot of time. This work has been completed by us. However, it did not take much time for the Turi Mill. But because it is not the same, it takes a lot of time in the day. 

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