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Happy Chitra Dashain 2078 To All Nepali

Happy Chitra Dashain 2078 To All Nepali

Happy Chitra Dashain 2078 To All Nepali it held in Baisakh 7 into this years. It brings you Daily Panchang of Nepal, Government and Bank holidays, Nepali festivals, puja, Nepali Horoscope, Marriage Dates, Bratabandtha, and so on. Also cultural celebrations of different diversities in Nepal’s ethnic, tribal, and social groups at your fingertip. This calendar is useful for Nepalese people and Nepali speakers across the world.

The maximum number of days in a month in the Gregorian calendar is 31, but in the Bikram Sambat Nepali Calendar, it can have upto 32 days. Bikram Sambat Nepali calendar is mostly used in Nepal and India. Some countries like Indonesia, Bangladesh, Srilanka, Thailand, Malaysia, and Bhutan. On this Tuesday this Chitra Dashain held under this festival to running on this one.

This festival will run it not our country Nepal also too. On this day people will visit the temple. Even I also visiting the temple to put a tika over there. With the Guru will give putting tika with me there. Even the mother and I were going for this temple’s nearest place there. This day is a holiday for all those officials of the government who will be close there. Mostly the people will celebrate their own family there.

Moring time the female will bath her own home and visiting the temple there. Mostly the people I finding there bring a balk with the god there. Even I also be happy to see you there. People will bring the meat to their own homes to eat there. Chitra Dashain is the most important festival during this hell on Chitra month. During this year it happens on Baisakh month there. But the people will celebrate there during this Month.

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