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How to cooked meat in Nepali 2021

How to cooked meat in Nepali 2021

How to cooked meat in Nepali 2021 The freshest Scottish cooked meats Available online from Campbells Meat online butchers, Cooked meat, Cooked meats, Online cooked meat, Fresh cooked. This is another type of cooked where people able to cook meat at home daily in their own home there. Here some tips to follow on how we can cook meat in home and restaurant there. 

Step of following cooked meat 

  • First, you need to drop an Oli 
  • You can cut a piece of meat into the bag
  • After heating the Oli you need put meat there
  • Then you put a Bayesar and Salt
  • You can be cooked there a minimum of 4-5 minutes
  • After you can put Spice and Tomato 
  •  If you want to make a hole, you have to put it

These are the main step to follow up while you cooked meat in your own home there. After this work, your flesh is ready. And you don’t have to worry about making it. It’s done according to what I know. These people are posting their own videos. Learn to do it at home too. And you have to build your own house. This is easy for you here to learn something new from this step to follow there. 

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