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The Voice of Nepal Season 3 Episode 9

The Voice of Nepal Season 3 Episode 9

The Voice of Nepal Season 3 Episode 9 of April 16, 2021 of Friday episode which running in Himalaya HD and YouTube Channel also too. Now this Blind will be running upto here on episode 9 so it will be continued. Sushil will welcome a new episode of this season 3 into the stage side there. Team Deep will select the 13 people into his team’s rest of 3 will select more to reach 16 people into teams. Team Raju will collect 13 people rest of 3 also added more there own teams there. Team Pramod also be collecting 13 people rest of 3 will be selected on own team there. Team Trisana will collected 12 people rest of 4 people will collect into her teams.

Jenish Rai from Sharan place of Nepal. He will sings a songs there on stage on there. He also share own personal life which his haven’t have own father and mother both of them pass away from this earth during the age of 7 year. All Team member will be truns with white color infornt of Jenish side there. He choose the Team Deep. Santosh Kumar Baniya from Kavre Palanchowk place of Nepal. He is an army of our Nepal. He still working on army in Nepal. He also be coming on the Voice of Nepal Season 3 to give own talent over there. Even the Team Trisana will be truns into I want you. He goes on Trisana Teams to selected him on Blind Audition there.


Arman Lama From Doonars Binaquri place of India. Even he was on Nepali people. He will give a Nepali reality shows to coming on the Voice of Nepal Season 3 to give performance there. He will singing right now there. Team Deep will turns with I want you there. He goes on Team Deep there. Sachi Khanal from Nuwakot place of Nepal. She is turns into the 17 year even the young lady will be join this shows even the Sushil will also raise this question with her there back stage there. Now she will be singing there. She isn’t selected this round hope she will trying to do next rounds there.

Karna Raj Giri from Sarlahi place of a Nepal. He will sings on stage right now there. Teams Trisana, Deep and Pramod truns into with I want you with white light color in there. Even he will be trying to feels happy while he come on stage performance over there. He choose the songs again with the Trisana teams hope he will do nice over the next round there. Suruksya Scenchury from Darjeeling place of India. She want to make platform into the Nepali industry there. Even the Indian reality shows cannot accept the Nepali people to going there. She will singing a song there into the stage there. Team Pramod and Trisana will I want you with white light color there. She’s goes on Team Pramod will choose him to going there. She will making good well on next round there.

Madan Khanal from Butwal place of Nepal. Recently he lives on Kathmandu. He also be Media reports working meet with the people amount there. Now he will sings a songs on stage there. Even the Pramod will be shocking with while he will close friends during his time over there. But he also be explain somethings about it. But he cannot be select under this round. Sudita Rai from Sikkim place of India. She was Nepali as she will know about this platform to join this stage and she will telling the talent over there. Hope the audience will be give more feedback with her there.

All team will be truns into with I want you but she will be confuse who team goes on there. She Wil be give discuss over there. All the team will be shocking under with her. She goes on Team Pramod there. Hope she will be give rocking on next there. Sushil will be close the shows of Friday episode there. He will always be starting and close the shows there. Tomorrow is the final round of blind audition of the voice of nepal season 3. Hope the people will be excited to see there.

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