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Working on Muktinath Rice Mill on Pokhara

Working on Muktinath Rice Mill on Pokhara

Working on Muktinath Rice Mill on Pokhara at morning time at 7 are we have arrived this place to further working into this place. On Muktinath Rice Mill there is the only problem that happens on Disk Mill with hardly to watch this mill to check up monthly basis on it. Even that person will be good with us. We had to make working to see the problem behind the disk mill of 37 inches over there. Even we have open the part inside the part to open there. Even we have also another helper further to working over there. 

Even the Muktinath Rice Mill owner wife and husband will see watching this with Guru will come over there. Even your own husband will be calling to own wife to coming here Guru is here you might be seeing this one while fitting time over there. She also coming there. Even she will do boring while doing this mill over this one. Even this mill makes a board with while machinery can not more than per month to normal condition to work there. 

And when the disk was opened, there were other people at the time of our own opening. And people from outside also came and asked what happened to this mill. And Mill’s brother-in-law had said that making it would happen in a moment. We don’t have to talk about wives and husbands here. I just want to shout. That is also the case in our family. I also have a smile on my face. And we were doing our job. And it was too late for us to work. And we took the money yesterday. And the same amount of money was left to be calculated and we did that.

Here it is given without thinking. And I like to do time, but we were talking about staying at home. And here’s what we did to get the job done. The only problem with this mill is the same disc mill. And after the fit, we lost our drive. And here too I am happy. And happily, the people here have also given their money. The job is to pay later. It is also possible not to make money even if there is no work. And that’s what we did this morning.

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