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Sakkigoni Season 2 Episode 18

Sakkigoni Season 2 Episode 18

Sakkigoni Season 2 Episode 18 is held on Himalaya Tv HD Channel every week on Thursday night at 8pm this program will be running there. Even the Sakkigoni Season 2 Episode 18 will be upload on Channel on OSR Digital this episode will see there. Under this blog, I just explain what happens in this episode 18 on April 8, 2021, or 2077. Even the Nepali people will love this serial to watch it out there. Even they have shared some news happen to under this Article to running out this one. 

This is the first time I have slept with my brother-in-law. And Chochchroch and his friends get drunk and here they are. And he goes to see Chochchroch and insults the Tetis. And here comes the Wife first. And Wife speaks to her Husband and insults his son as a dowry here. And here it flows from There. And here he plans to eat chickpeas.

Ekdamji has taken out his dog’s abdomen. And the policies come, they run away, and the chickens come with a squeak, and they talk to the policies themselves. And by showing the polity, it also flows. On the other hand, we talk about Mune’s wife, we talk about our house, boys come, we talk about people here. And if the boy likes the girl himself, he will talk about it. The ball will come at the time of doing that and he will act. Mune is very happy. But when Mune’s voice is heard, he becomes angry.

It is planned together here. The boys are beaten by the left and the boy is also welcomed here with flowers. And the friend here has beaten me up and then talking on the phone and calling me Boini. And then there is no fading and Mune is happy and dances close to her feet. Even Cockroach’s father will get tension while seen the dreams of a person who isn’t dead on past life. Even he also be meeting with them to meet pervious wife to meet them there. At last, this will be ended this one. You might check out the youtube channel also there. 

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