Visiting Kristi Place of Kaski Today

Visiting Kristi Place of Kaski Today

Visiting Kristi Place of Kaski Today this place is gone in the afternoon. We went to this place and did a little work. This work was easy and there was other work and we have gone to this place. I went to this place today but I don’t know the name of this place but I was in another video. I forgot the place name. I have also decided that I will produce videos as my channel. But it is making rods in place. If there are many clocks, it will be very cold. People are dancing.

We went on our scooter. And the scooter has a lot of dirt everywhere but I haven’t been able to clean it. And I haven’t got you to clean it either. And I have decided that I will do it in the coming days. I have been to this place before and I have eaten in the morning. We have gone to this place. Even today, I was Confuse to know that this is the place. And during the day, the sun was shining so brightly that I could not eat because of the small mist here.

I took the scooter home to the mill. If it is not raining now, it will be very rainy. We have opened the police station of that mill. And after cutting the turmeric, the mill was running. It was not a problem. The mill was fine. The rice did not rot because of the wind. The man was trying to learn on his own. There was not much time.

There is a feeling of cold outside and it was very hot inside. And this village was also very fun. And the people of the village are busy with their work. You have to do the work yourself. At present, the water is very low. And because of the lack of rain, people are getting hot. Yes, I enjoyed it too. This Kristi village was good and landscape to see there with a beautiful house there. 

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