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Why I love travelling

Why I love travelling

Why I love travelling I really enjoy traveling. And I also like to expand to new places. You get to meet people from new places and talk to others. And the videos of the new place are also to be enjoyed. Now I also put videos of blogs on my youtube. I like to travel a lot. If I had a friend, I would have gone everywhere as I thought. But it never happens as I did. I have my own envelope. I like other places I don’t know. There are many things that come to my mind when I understand the place of There.

I like long people. And I like to talk to people I don’t know. If I have never been to this place, it is still fun. There are many places in Nepal that are unseen and unknown. The only place I have visited is the Mustang. And the people of this place are busy with their work. The air in this place is very cold and good. It doesn’t even look hot. I really like the old village house. And I like to talk about old hours too.

But money is also needed to get around, not just by talking in the same mind. We also need money for Tess only in Badi. I would like to find out what the new place is about and what the new people think. I like to work with my brother-in-law a lot, but I don’t enjoy it as much as I used to. Having fun is also a lot of fun with Sagar.

I really like traveling later. And having a friend is enough for me. No more friends. There are places in Nepal that I have not seen, but I can go by myself, but I have not been able to go. After I left, there was talk of who could see the work here. I like to travel to my hometown. Not just my mind. It happens in places where I have visited many places. But it’s also fun after going somewhere. I keep my mind on the line, but why do so many things come to my mind?

Traveling to me doesn’t come from within. But no one from the house is given. I thought it would be easier to sell now. It is also easy to walk around on a bike. And there is an opinion that money is less. You may also like it. But there are also reasons. We have to go after we are born. We do a lot of work to get around, but also why people are tired of traveling. Why don’t you spend your money?

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