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World Poetry Day 2021

World Poetry Day 2021

World Poetry Day 2021 celebrations are on  Sunday, 21 March 2021. Unesco Proposed every 21st March as World Poetry Day since 1999. The purpose or theme of world poetry day is to recall the role of poetry in the survival of ancient languages, in the development of the world, and the enlightenment of the world. As argued above, ancient war heroes were encouraged by poetry. The world has been surviving the poetry day to celebrating on. 

 The world leaders claimed that they recognize the unique ability of poetry to capture the creative spirit of the human mind, therefore they believe that an International Day must be allocated to this great human legacy. The world will become the poetry country in the world. Because poetry is the one of powerful words which we have to include different sources of title and description under this one. 

Why Poetry Day is Important?

This is very important, people have to think for their lives. It’s a matter of one’s own life, it’s a matter of one’s life, it’s a matter of one’s life, it’s a matter of one’s life, it’s a matter of one’s life. This means that people may not be able to think. Why do we resent this? We have to do the work that people have done. We have to do the things that people have done. It also means a lot to us. What you have done in your life is still good. Many people have been healed by this poem.

Interesting Activities on World Poetry Day

  • Buy a good poetry book of your taste or download an app, (You can download Mirakee mobile app)
  • Explore the best poetry you feel you would enjoy,
  • Read it intensively,
  • Share it with friends,
  • Give an attempt to write your emotions the way the poet has written,
  • Follow the hashtag trends on Social Media: #WPD, #WorldPoetryDay, #PoetryDay.

We need to make a bridge to improve the poetry lifestyle those who held to make this establish to running their different source improve to read it out this mentioned article will read still today generation yet. In Poetry Day the world will be speech things words will be included to raise the whole nation those who will be respected and teach their original part into their life source related moment to search there. 



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