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Finally I got unblock website url from facebook

Finally I got unblock website url from facebook

Finally I got unblock website url from facebook as longer time I got an community standard guidelines under the Facebook because I got this spam words happen into my website there. Then I  trying to see on YouTube channel to check into their. Then I see the Facebook business support to live chat over there. Then I also to chat over there with my problem to mention it clear on there. Then I got this problem to solve it there. Since yesterday I also be chat over with Staff there in messenger.

They will be pass it out the internal teams to further checking into this issue to solve on it. Even I got an email for response from the teams then it will be fine for working on this. Then I will be happy to see this share the link share into my Facebook side there. I also glad to happy to see this issue to slove. We will be mention under this issue to slove on it there. Then it will be fine to clear under this issue. You need chat with English language to chat there.

Even I also check on Facebook apps to share the link on Facebook then it will be fine to see there. Then I will be happy to share the link over there. I will be never share such type of violent from the Facebook policy which I did on the past days. Even I also be trying about too many time to unblock website url from facebook. Support teams will be listen my issue then he/she will be slove the issue under this. They will be said to me you needs to be wait for 24-48 hour to respond from facebook teams will be replied into your email I’d there.

Hope you will be getting this problem under this issue matter on it. I will be share upload this video to mention to clear over there. Even the Nepali user didn’t upload this issue matter on this case. There is lot of user who will happen to see this problem to unblock this one. Even I also be chat on Nepali user to getting payment and unblock the website url from my issue there. He will gets one thousand rupees into the esewa wallet to receive there. But he didn’t working it nicely there.

Then after a long month back I got this issue to slove myself on this case. Some case you need to work hard to slove own way of idea to clear them.  I will Thank you so much for Facebook teams support for listen my issue and fix the problem to slove it. Hope you will be stay connected with there. He will be listen out this problem to clear there. Make sure you will be proper chat with connections teams over there. Now I will be update there url into from facebook.


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