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Beauty artistic umbrella next to Fewataal

Beauty artistic umbrella next to Fewataal

Beauty artistic umbrella next to Fewataal Artistic umbrella placed to add beauty to the side of the Fewataal at Pokhara Metropolitan City-6 Camping Chowk. There is decorated by surround with the beautiful looks of Fewalake over from that place. Today they have reacted over the whole upload of this image into the social media platform to shows the beautiful looks view of Fewalake. While I am also look see this image on the Facebook page it seems very much nice looking over there. 

Even wearing an umbrella has done a great job. It is beautiful in the place of our pond. And people are going to this place from tomorrow. It also worked out how good it is in Fewataal. And people go to this place as Fewatal later. Today I also lost it, I felt good and I was happy. We have also visited this place and if you want to go there, you have to buy a ticket.

This is just a place to take photo selfies. The photos are self-contained. And people must have been happy to see this beautiful photo on Facebook today. And tomorrow it will also be seen by the people of Pokhara. Many people from far away also go to see it.

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