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Travel Vlogs on Nayapool of Kaski Today

Travel Vlogs on Nayapool of Kaski Today

Travel Vlogs on Nayapool of Kaski Today at morning time at 8 arrive this place to move on From Pokhara. Since we have to move with Scooter ride with that place further going there. We have some working into this place for morning time there. We have machinery items we have brought into this place under this Nayapool. This is the highway road of Pokhara-Baglung place near there. This is the main Valley of Nayapool  Bazar side there. We have easily to know this place further going on this. 

We have sold an old machinery item to other people to give them. There is also a lot of mud in this place. And we also got on our scooters. And on a scooter, Jada is very busy. Sometimes it is because of the cold air in this place. But there is a lot of cold air in this place. It’s nice to see you, but it’s also something I don’t care about. And Machine has gone to open in this place. And to this day it is gone. And we also take it by opening the machine and putting it in other places. This is the first thing that has happened to us. And that grumpy man also came to see.

And I also went to see Machine. And it is also known that you know what a Machine is like. And there are so many types it’s hard to say. We had opened the parts of the Machine. Then the parts are opened and started working. And after opening the machine, we paid first. And that guy talked to my brother-in-law and we got on with our work. And it takes a lot of time to do your job. And we have to work hard to open Machina and Jarna. Today, this sorrow was very much ours

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